We are working on upcoming events, thinking how to help electronic music in Barcelona and making dance a few restless souls so we do not have much time for websites but you can always be with us on Facebook.



A mixture of music, soul and feelings. Even though Fake Out! started in the European summer of 2006,we can’t leave aside the Level 0 and the Sun- set Sound sessions parties -former projects created and promoted by some members of the current Fake Out! crew where,little by little,the foundations of what Fake Out! Is now,were laid.We can say that, without intention (or with it), a special space was established in the Barcelona’s electronic music circuit for artists, professionals and the general public to meet. All in such an exceptional natural environment as the Mediterranean beach could be, where one could go for a splash at the sea, sunburn on the sand and dance wearing your swimshorts. A unique atmosphere festivity.The music selection,in charge of our resident DJs or our special guests, together with the sound of the waves made the perfect soundtrack for a wonderful time under the stars enjoying the newest tendencies in electronic dance music reference.The most relevant international electronic artists also said ..hi..in our parties,thrilling us to their performances,leaving a great impression in which was the best, musically speaking,seasons.It’s, then, the positive evolution, together with the acceptance from the public, what led Fake Out! parties to take place in the most important and best known clubs in Barcelona,as well as the rest of Europe and America.

Fake Out!, you’ve gotta live it. 



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